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: (Athlete Biological Passport)

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    (Athlete Biological Passport)

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    The ABP (Athlete Biological Passport) involves regular monitoring of biological Markers on a longitudinal basis to facilitate indirect detection of Prohibited Substances and Methods.
    From this perspective, the Prohibited Substance itself is not detected but rather its effects on the body become evident.
    The effect of the drug remains longer than the substance itself, which may be quickly excreted or degraded and therefore go undetected unless Testing is carried out at a very specific time.
    In order to establish an effective longitudinal monitoring program, the list of relevant Markers for a specific class of substance (e.g. substances enhancing oxygen transfer such as recombinant EPO) must be identified and monitored on a regular basis for a given Athlete.
    The collection and monitoring of values corresponding to these identified Markers will constitute an individual longitudinal profile. Such profiles are the cornerstones of the Athlete Biological Passport, with a subject becoming his/her own point of reference.
    The Markers will be specifically selected based on the relevant doping scenario. For instance, Markers of an altered erythropoiesis will be taken into consideration to confirm blood manipulation or aerobic performance enhancement. Steroid Markers in urine, on the other hand, may be used to demonstrate the use of anabolic steroid(s).

    Haematological Markers

    The Haematological Module collects information on Markers of blood doping. It aims to identify enhancement of oxygen transport, including use of erythropoiesis stimulating agents and any form of blood transfusion or manipulation.
    In addition to identifying the use of Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents included under S2.

    Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors and related Substances, of the Prohibited List, the haematological module also seeks to identify the Use of Methods categorized under section M1. of the Prohibited List, Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer.

    The following Markers are considered within the Athlete Biological Passport haematological module:

    HCT: Hematocrit
    HGB: Haemoglobin
    RBC: Red blood cells count
    RET%: The percentage of reticulocyte
    RET#: Reticulocytes count
    MCV: Mean corpuscular volume
    MCH: Mean corpuscular haemoglobin
    MCHC: Mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration

    Further calculated Markers specific to the haematological module include OFF-hr Score (OFFS), which is a combination of HGB and RET%1, and Abnormal Blood Profile Score (ABPS), which is a combination of HCT, HGB, RBC, RET%, MCV, MCH, and MCHC
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