Katerina Stefanidi came 2nd at the "Herculis" meeting in Monaco - the 10th of Diamond League series.

Stefanidi succeeded in passing all heights till 4,80m. in her first attempt, and then tried twice at 4,85m. and once at 4,90m.
The Russian Anzhelika Sidorova won by clearing 4,85m. Amongst the notables of the competition was the increased performance in pole vault, since there were 8 athletes over 4,75m.!

"I would have loved coming back here and win but it was a great field with 4 girls over 80. I think the wind didnt help because we did the warm up in perfe ct conditions, i thought at that point taht the wor
ld record would be broken but then it switched a bit and I think it handicapped a few girls. Im really looking forwrad to Berlin, the DL final and the Continental Cup. I alos think i can break the 5m this year.
My injury pushed back a bit my expectations but let's see. I still think that medlas are more important as I get to bring them home so of course my eyes are first on the Championships but lets see for the 5m"

The 27-years old Beatrice Chepkoech from Kenya set a new WR running the women's 3000m. steeplechase in 8.44.32