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17-06-12, 13:12
The Greek National Championship was held at the Olympic Stadium of Athens, on Friday 15. and Sat.16. of June.
Many athletes did the standard for the major events
27/06 -01/07 European Championships (Helsinki)
10/07 -15/07 World Junior Champ. (Barcelona)
03/08 -12/08 Olympics - Athletics events (London)

The OG standard did:
A' standard
400m h. Periklis Iakovakis, 49"04
TJ Athanasia Perra, 14,71m. (Papachristou 14,58m and Paneta 14,50m already had the standard)
PV Stella-Hero Ledaki, 4,50m (Kiriakopoulou won with 4,50m too, already had the standard)
B' standard
800m Helena Filandra, 2'00"44
100m Maria Belibasaki, 11"34
200m Maria Belibasaki, 23"28 (U23 NR)

The EC stadard did:
400m h. Spiros Papadopoulos, 50"62
400m Tilemahos Routas, 46"58
LJ Paraskevi Papachristou, 6,60m

The WJC did:
PV Theodoros Chrisanthopoulos, 5,10m
HT Agapi Proskinitopoulou, 59,19m (Eliana Korosidou did 62,03m, already had the standard)
400m h. Efrosini Theodorou, 59"61
1500m Sofia Pitouli, 4'23"73 (Youth NR)
HJ Tatiana Gousin, 1,82m

Athina Koini did a double win setting U23 NR, at 3km steeple with 9'59"96 and at 5km with 16'21"99

Periklis Iakovakis won the 400m h. event for 15th time in a row.
15 wins also succeed Alexandros Papadimitriou at hammer throw

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B' day: www.sportshero.gr/index.php/sports/field/item/2112-panellhnio-anoixtou-stibou-2012-2h-mera-videos (http://www.sportshero.gr/index.php/sports/field/item/2112-panellhnio-anoixtou-stibou-2012-2h-mera-videos)