Επιστροφή στο Forum : NR 4,51 & standard by Kiriakopoulou. 1st place for Tsatoumas & Baniotis in Stuttgart!

05-02-11, 23:32
Louis Tsatoumas won the men's LongJump with 8,08 and Constantinos Baniotis won the men's HighJump event clearing 2,30 (and attempting for new NR at 2,36) during the indoor meeting at Stuttgart (Sparkassen-Cup)!

Not far away from there, at the PoleVault meeting in Landau, Nikol Kiriakopoulou cleared 4,51 and won the women's event, setting a new NR (she had 4,50) and was over the 4,45 mark-standard for the European Indoor Championship (Paris, 4-6/3). Constantinos Filippidis was 3rd at the men's event with 5,48.