Επιστροφή στο Forum : Greek cross-country Championship: Magginas & Kefala the winners

21-02-10, 11:44
http://www.stivoz.com/dimosiografikes/magginas_cross2010.JPGThe National Cross-country Championship was held at Markopoulo today.

At the 10km men's race, Dimosthenis Magginas (Olympiacos) was the winner, very close followed by Anagnostou and Parmakis, and behind them Theodorakakos (who was the Marathon-winner), Merousis, Zabelis, Papantonis, Litsi, Karavidas, Gelasakis respectively.
At the women's 8Km race the winner was Constantina Kefala (ΑΕΚ). The triathlete Dimaki and the steeplechaser Kokkinariou followed.

Constantinos Tousse and Ourania Rebouli won the U23 races.

The steeplechaser Gregory Voutsinas won the juniors' race, and Valentina Michailova.

photos: http://www.stivoz.com/photoz/index.php?c=83

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