Επιστροφή στο Forum : Stamatogiannis sets a NR 20,36 & hits the standard. Perra: The 6th member for Doha

17-02-10, 21:12
http://www.stivoz.com/dimosiografikes/stamatogiannis_thes.JPGAt the international Athletics meeting in Athens today, Michael Stamatogiannis threw 20.36 and set a new national record in the shotput after 24 years!
Athanasia Perra jumped 14,07 at her last attempt in the triple jump and she will be going to Doha, as well!
Antonia Stergiou cleared 1,90, but not 1,92 which is the standard (next time hopefully).
The Cypriot Panos Ioannou was very close in the 60m, running the distance in 6"71 being 0.02 away from the standard.
5,62 for Constantinos Filippidis at the pole vault

Results (greek): http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3741