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01-01-10, 12:14
This is a thread for flash news posting. Main/Most important news will be posted as different threads -of the same forum of course "Athletics news - Hellas (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=87)", which was created for our foreign friends or those Greek people around the world who are not eloquent in Greek language and want to be informed about the greek events and the best results there, and the results of Greek & Cypriot athletes at major events out of Greece (or great performances too).

- Athletics Event's Calendar 2010 (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=75526&postcount=2)

- IAAF Rules 2010 (http://www.stivoz.com/dimosiografikes/Technical/CompetitionRules2010.pdf)
- WADA's List 2010 (http://www.stivoz.com/dimosiografikes/Doping/2010_Prohibited_List_FINAL_EN.pdf)

17-01-10, 18:02
Constantinos Filippidis set a new indoor NR at the Regional Arena of Manchester yesterday with 5,70 (was 5,65 from 1995) and this performance is over the entry standards of WC-Doha too.
Filippidis is the holder of the outdoor NR too, with 5,75 from2005.
Kate Denisson won at the womens event with 4,40.
(www.vaultmanchester.com (http://www.vaultmanchester.com))

Katerina Stefanidi cleared 4,25 in a meeting at the US where she is studying!

20-01-10, 21:54
The international meeting "Athens 2010" and the Indoor Balkan Games are cancelled.
On 17th of February will be a international meeting in the place of Athens2010

30-01-10, 20:40
At the 1st nattional ndoor meeting of 2010, Afrodite Skafida set NR at women's pole vault with 4,41μ.. 4,40 was the entry standars for WC-Doha
NR at 60m U18 for Margarita Tsioutsioumanou, with 7"76

Results (greek): http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3692

photos: http://www.stivoz.com/photoz/index.php?c=80

In another national meeting atThessaloniki, Persefoni Hadjinakou cleared 1,84 at the womens highjump event

Results (greek): http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3693

31-01-10, 11:53
The city of Patra will host the Greek Athletics Championship on 12&13 of June 2010
Patra will host the IAAF meeting which used to take place at Thessaloniki, at the same date it was programmed (30.6.2010) as it seems.

Jacques - Clese Xygo
06-02-10, 21:53
In Arnstadt, at the highjump -with music- meeting, Kyriacos Ioannou cleared 2,28μ. and was 3rd. This performance is the entry standard for WC-Doha too.
Ukhov won with 2,35.
Blanca Vlasic was over 2,06, and tried at 2,09 for WR too!

Dwain Chambers did 6"57 at 60m at UK.

10-02-10, 23:26
At the "Pedros Cup" meeting in Bydgoszcz, the Cypriot champion Kyriakos Ioannou cleared 2,30 and was 2nd after Manson who jumped over 2,32.
Anna Rogowska set a polish NR with 4,81 at polevault

At Galan meeting in Stockholm, M.Defar almost did her WR, running 5km in 14'24"79

14-02-10, 00:10
Cypriot athletes in good shape at greek national meeting today:
Alexandros Stavridis - 60m h.- 7"87 (=NR)
Dimitra Arahoviti - 60m h.- 8"39 (ran 8"34 last week)
Marianna Zahariadi - polevault- 4,35
Panagiotis Ioannou - 60m- 6"80

05-05-10, 23:07
The School Games (Greece + best athlete of Cyprus) were held 3-5/5 nearby Athens.
2 athletes succeed the standard for the World Junior's Championship
The Cypriot Vasilis Konstantinou cleared 2,14 at the boy's highjump, and Agapi Proskinitopoulou did 58,05 at girl's hammer throw.
Depending on the school games results, the greek team will be announced for the Moscow's games. There, they will set up the European team for the Olympic Youth Games.

Results (greek): http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3849

15-05-10, 01:32
The first of the 14 meetings of the "Diamond League" was held today in Doha.
In women's pole vault, Nicole Kuriakopoulou cleared 4,55 (=NR) and she was 6th, while Spiegelburg was the only one who cleared 4,60 (which was the next height - 4.70 would follow).
Asafa Powell won the men's 100μ in 9"81 (+2,3m/sec), after running a 9"75 in the preliminary round (+2,6).
Felix ran 50"14 at women's 400m. A throw at 68,89 in women's javelin gave Abakumova the first place, and Cantwel threw 21,82 at men's shotput.

Results: http://www.diamondleague-doha.com/Live-StartlistsResults/Overview/

16-05-10, 00:33
The 10km finals of the Greek Championship 2010 was held nearby Olympic Stadium today.
Constantina Kefala (AEK) won the women's race in 33'11"77, while 33'20" is the EAA's standard for Barcelona.
At men's race, Dimosthenis Magginas (Olympiakos) won at the last metres, second was Constantinos Poulios (Panathinaikos)

29-05-10, 23:26
The international Athletics meeting Papaflesseia (http://www.papaflessia.gr/), was held at Kalamata today
In womens triple jump Athanasia Perra did 14,61 (over Barcelonas high standard)
In mens javelin Smalios threw 80,77, and Lebesis 80,60 (both over low standard)
In 200m Tsakonas ran in 20"77 (+1,5). At mens highjump, Baniotis and Hondrokoukis cleared 2,23.
In mens longjump Diamantaras did 7,81

Highlights also, the performances of 2 Bulgarian girls: Veneva cleared 1,95 in highjump, and Stambolova did 50"88 at 400m

Results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?3960

30-05-10, 19:43
Roula Strataki won the 7thlon at the Greek Championship of combined events, with 6038pts, just 12points away from the Barcelona's Greek automatic standard (6050pts). 2nd place for Sophia Ifantidou, 5954pts and 4 points over the ...Greek provisional standard (5950pts, ΕΑΑ's standard is 5900pts). 3rd was Irene Daniel -5191pts and 4th was Efi Kolokytha -5163pts

At the 10thlon, the winner was Andreas Tsoukalis with 7142pts, 2nd was Constantinos Karamousalis -6960pts, 3rd was Kyriakos Pilidis -6675pts, 4th was Mauroudakis -6515pts

31-05-10, 22:38
The international meeting "Venizelia" was held today at Hania (Crete)
Constantine Douvalidis did 13"62 in 110m hurdles and hit the standard of the Hellenic Athletics Federation.
Very close to the B standard (and better than EAA's one) were Sotiris Iakovakis (brother of Pericles) in the 400m hurdles with 50"47, and Dimitris Tsiamis with 16,61 at the triple jump.
Ioanna Grammatikopoulou jumped 13,93m at thewomen's TJ.
Dimitris Michalelis was just 2cm shorter than the 7,60-meter standard for the Junior's WC.
The Cypriot Marianna Zahariadi won the PV clearing 4,36.

Results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?3969

09-07-10, 01:07
At the 7th of the 14-meeting-series "Diamond League" which was held in Lausanne, the Cypriot highjumper Kyriakos Ioannou cleared 2,30. The Russians Ukhov and Rybakov cleared 2,33.
In womens triple jump, Athanasia Perra had her first jump at 14,30. 1cm below 15m jumped Savigne.
Bolt ran the 100m in 9"82, and Dix the 200m in 19"86 -after a very bad start-reaction.

Results: http://www.diamondleague-lausanne.com/en/Live-StartlistsResults/Overview

12-07-10, 16:26
Constantinos Nakopoulos set a new National Lead performance at the 800m with 1.48.67 winning a meet at Lake Balaton, Hungary.

14-07-10, 20:22
Many great performances at the 3rd Greek Grand Prix (Argos Orestiko)

Results: http://www.argosorestiko.gr/gr/content/show/&tid=482

Tonia Stergiou cleared 1.91 at HJ. 1.88 for Tania Papasotiriou - PB.
At the men's LJ, Michael Mertzanidis jumped 8.05m, Savvas Diakonikolas 7.92m - PB, and Georgios Tsakonas 7.90m - which is ΕΑΑ's standard. The junior athlete Nikos Kapsis marked 7.65m.
At the men's shot put, Michael Stamatogiannis threw 19.80m.
At the men's triple jump, Nikos Fraggos jumped 16.52m - over EAA's standard.
At the women's 100m, we had 11"94 for Maria Gatou, and 11"99 for the 19-year-old Maria Belibasaki.

24-07-10, 17:36
At Larnaca (Cyprus) was held for 23th time the youth Greece vs Cyprus meeting:
Greece won at both boys & girls standings.
Results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?4184
Lazaros Vaitsoudis (shotput: 18,31) and Elpida Toka (400m h.: 62"55) were voted as the athletes of the games.
At the 4x100 the Cypriot female squad achieved a national record with 47"40 (47"69 for Greek team)

Next events: the balkan games (Adrianoupolis, Turkey, 7/8) and Youth Olympic games (where 10 kids from Greece and 2 from Cyprus will take part!)

05-08-10, 02:44
The Greek Grand Prix Final was held today in Thiva in a period of time that there are not very many competitions. Some remarkable performances were: Adriana Ferra's23.57 in the 200m. Olympia Petsoudi PRed with 24.65, Manolis Koutsouklakis ran the 100 in 10.47 while in the women's event Maria Belibasaki's PR of 11.85 was not legal due to tail wind. In the 400's Pantelis Melachrinoudis and Agni Derveni won with 47.07 and 53.65 for the men and the women respectively. Savvas Diakonikolas outmatched Martzanidis at the men's long jump leaping 7.74m. Finally, Christina Neag-Hantzi dominated the women's 400m hurdles in 57.92

Iltsios won the Javelin throwing 76.04m
The Cypriot Aresti connected his shot put to 19.04m
In the women's javelin the winner was Ioli Panidou with 55.38m

08-08-10, 14:56
The Balkan Games U18 were held in Andrianoupolis on Saturday (only only day without the events of 200m, 400m hurdles, 4x400, PV, HT, Walk Race)
The team of Hellas won 5 gold medals:
4x100 M (Mantis, Rontos, Seitanidis, Stavrou)
400m M (Loulas)
SP M (Kantriviotis)
TJ M (Makris)
DT W (Akrani).

Results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?4250

08-08-10, 23:00
The Greek Military Championship (including the Cypriot team) was held at Agios Kosmas, Athens this weekend (The Fire Dpt. did not participate because of a tough period in the field of work)
Andriana Ferra ran the 400m in 55"46 (split 25"3) and now she is 3rd on the 2010 Greece's toplist. On the first day she ran the 100m in 12"07 into 1,5m/s wind.
Pericles Iakovakis, who took the athletes' oath won the 400m representing the Air Force team.
The teams of Police won the competition for both men and women.

Full results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?4232

09-08-10, 12:18
On Saturday was held the U20 Mediterranean Championship in Tunis where 8 countries took part. The Greek team took a few 1st places through Anastasia Foutsitzidou (TJ - 12,62), Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou (DT - 49,02), and Maria Belibasaki (200m - 24"40 who was also 3rd in the 100m with 11"98 and the 4x100 relay team).

Results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?4233

29-08-10, 21:50
Constantine Baniotis cleared 2.26m and he was 2nd in the high jump at Rieti's meeting (failed at 2,30). At the same meeting, David Rudisha broke once again the WR running the 800m in 1'41"01! Nesta Carter ran the 100m in 9"78 (=WL) and Christophe Lemaitre in 9"97 - NR.

17-01-11, 01:37
Katerina Stefanidi cleared 4,41 -PB- in womens polevault at a meeting in Seattle. This performance is over the 4,40 standard for European Athletics indoor Championships (Paris, 4-6/3/2011), but Stefanidi will not take part there, because the US College indoor championship is taking place the same time

06-02-11, 18:07
At Filothei - Athens was held the last of 5 grandprix of City-Runs

Christophoros Merousis won the mens event and the total, and
Deniz Dimaki won the womens event (the womens total winner was Eleftheria Petroulaki)

Results-photos-infos http://www.filothei-gala.org/aOF_Home.html

12-02-11, 23:17
Nikoleta Kiriakopoulou cleared 4,50 at womens polevault, at the "Samsung Pole Vault Stars" meeting which was held in Donetsk. The NR holder (4,51) tried then for a new NR, at 4,60
Isinbayeva won the event clearing 4,85 =WL, while Lavillenie won the mens event with 5,93 -WL

13-02-11, 20:41
Louis Tsatoumas did 7,96 at the mens LongJump and took the second place at Karlsruhe's meeting. Was just 1cm less than Gaisah - and 1cm over Bayer who s the European's AR holder.

Results: http://www.bw-bank-meeting.de/ergebnisse2011.php?

05-06-11, 23:44
The Greek Combined Events Championships was held in Thessaloniki.

The mens event winner was Andreas Tsoukalis with PB 7501p. (100m. 11"18, LJ 6.98μ., SP 13.09μ., HJ 1.94μ., 400m. 51"08 / 110m. h. 14"74, DT 41.83m., PV 4.80m., JT 47.90μ., 1.500m. 4'37"81) and became 7th at the greek all-time list.
Second place for Constantinos Karamousalis with 7249p, and very close was Kyriakos Pilidis. 4th was Mavroudakis, 5th the Cypriot Christoforou, and 6th the U23 winner Selemidis.

The womens event winner was Efthymia Kolokytha with PB 5223p (100m. h. 14"47, HJ 1.61m., SP 10.94μ., 200m. 24"76 / LJ 6.03μ., JT 28.00μ., 800m. 2'24"37) and became 16th at the greek all-time list. Second was Irene Daniel with 5121p and third the U23 winner Helen Tzika.
At the first event Sofia Ifantidou (PB 6004p) was injured. Alena Panti DNF due to back pains too.

06-06-11, 10:33
19 gold medals for the Cypriot team at the Small States Games (Liechtenstein)

PV: Stylianou N. 5,00
TJ: Arnos Z. 15,98
100m: Ioannou P. 10"60
110m h.: Stavridis Al. 14"04
400m h.: Xoufaridis Ar. 52"91
DT: Parelis Ap. 59,73
200m: Ioannou P. 21"46
1500m: Khadiri A. 3'50"31
HJ: Xenofontos Em. 2,12
4χ100: (Μιχαηλ - Χριστοφίδης - Πολυκαρπου - Ιωάννου Π.) 4"53
4χ400: (Αναστασίου - Ξουφαρίδης - Μενελάου - Αντωνίου) 3'14"02

800m: Panagiotou M. 2'10"52
100m: Papaioannou R. 11"86
DT: Georgiadou 49,98
1500m: Panagiotou M. 4'36"91
LJ: Panagi N. 6,35
SP: Kappa Fl. 14,32
TJ: Serbertzova N. 13,63
100m h.: Arahoviti D. 13"37

Results: http://liegames2011.li/Termine/tabid/1597/language/en-US/Default.aspx

08-06-11, 13:36
Louis Tsatoumas (LJ), Georgia Kokloni (100m) and the Cypriot Kyriakos Ioannou (HJ) will compete at Oslo - Diamond League - Thursday 9.Juni
There will be Usain Bolt at mens 200m and Carsten Semenya at womens 800m
Startlists-results: http://www.diamondleague-oslo.com/en/Live-StartlistsResults/Overview/

23-07-11, 00:55
At the 10th Diamond League meeting,
Constantinos Filippidis was 3rd at the mens's polevault clearing 5,60m. It was his 2nd point at the D.L. race.

Kipruto was close (just 0"01) to Shaheen's WR running the 3km steeple in 7'53"64.

Results: http://www.diamondleague-monaco.com/en/Program/Overview/

21-01-12, 23:12
Constantinos Filippidis cleared 5,72m at Lyon and equaled the NR, but also did the WIC standard for the PoleVault's ..final!

08-02-12, 19:36
Constantinos Baniotis (HJ) cleared 2,31m. at Banska Bystrica meeting and did both the WIC's and the Olympic A' standard !

10-02-12, 22:47
Paraskevi Papachristou (TJ) with a jump of 14,16m at the Duesseldorf's meeting was over the WIC standard of 14,10m

04-03-12, 12:22
Constantina Kefala won the womens event for 4th time in the row. Astropekaki and Dimaki followed her. All 3 athletes are aiming for the Marathons Olympic standard.
Three athletes of same coach (Papachristos) won the other womens events:
Athina Koini -steeple runner- the U23, Katerina Berdousi the U20, Sophia Pitouli the U18. Vasiliki Zogrfafidou won the U16

At the mens event, the winner was Constantinos Poulios (already got the Olympics standard), and second was Merousis -steeplerunner.
The U23 won the 1500m runner Andreas Dimitrakis. Haralampos Pitsolis won the U20, Marcos Gourlias the U18. The U16 event won Anestis Papoulias, son of a former greek champion and NR holder

02-06-12, 20:21
Lykourgos Tsakonas did the A' Olympic stndard and a U23 NR running in Geneve the 200m in 20"52

03-06-12, 20:29
The 10km national Champ. was held at Megara (near Athens). The steeple runner Christoforos Merousis won the mens event in 30.51.40 and Ourania Rebouli very easy the womens event in 34.33.59.

Results: www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?6973 (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?6973)

01-02-13, 01:03
Constantinos Filippidis set a new NR at Linz where he cleared 5,83m in polevault.
Filippidis was the holder of the previous records, both for open (5,80m, Lausanne) and indoor (5,75m, Istanbul)

02-02-13, 18:08
Constantinos Baniotis cleared 2,27m at the HJ meeitng with music in Arnstadt and did the standard for Goeteborg. The winner was Aleksej with 2,36m.

03-02-13, 10:10
Katerina Stefanidi cleared 4,45m in PV (which is also the standard for Goeteborg) at Mountain T's Invitational in Flagstaff, Arizona. This performance equals the 2nd best ever for Greece.

03-02-13, 18:06
At the Russian Winter meeting, George Tsakonas jumped 7,94m and won the LJ event, and did the Goeteborg's standard too

06-02-13, 21:04
Constantinos Baniotis cleared 2,30m at the Banska Br. meeting and did the WC B'standard. He was 4th, while Barshim Mutaz cleared 2,36m

09-02-13, 17:20
Nicole Kyriakopoulou, who's the holder of the outdoor NR with 4,71m, set a new indoor NR clearing 4,60m in Donetsk. Kyriakopoulou was 3rd at the event, which won Silva.
Constantinos Filippidis was 2nd clearing 5,80m. (Lavillenie won with 5,85m)

10-02-13, 13:41
At a local indoor meeting, Dimitris Tsiamis with 16,98m at TJ and Andreas Dimitrakis running in 3.44.19 the 1.500m set both the Goeteborg's standards.
Very close to the standard ran Petros Kiraikidis the 400m in 47.38.
Tatiana Gusin cleared 1,82m and equaled the Juniors NR in HJ.
Results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?7908

23-02-13, 17:59
At the balkan indoor games in Instanbul, Stella Ledaki set the standard for Goeteborg with 4,45m at the womens PV
Ledaki won the event, as Stergioulis the mens 60m, Douvalidis the mens 60m h., and Mastoras the men's HJ too.
Results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?8027

24-02-13, 15:00
At the Greek Cross Country Championship, Magginas won the men's race for his 3rd time, followed by the marathon-runner Poulios and the steeplechaser Merousis.
Gazea, who won the Classic Marathon in November, won the womens event.
Results: http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?8039

29-01-17, 01:00
Katerina Stefanidi won the women's pole vault event at Boston's grand prix - the first of the 5 World Indoor Tour's meets.
On her first season's competition, she cleared 4,63m.

Her next event will be the "All Star Perche" meeting at Clermont-Ferrand on 5th of February.

31-01-17, 22:55
Rafailia Spanoudaki is the first greek athlete who set officialy a standard for Belgrade2017.
She ran the 60m in 7.30 at the Reims meeting during qualification heat - and she was 2nd in the final in 7.38 (following Stella Akakpo - 7.16)

(->standards (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?15838))

04-02-17, 22:32
Konstantinos Baniotis cleared 2,26m. in men's high jump -at his first competition this year- in Hustopece/CZE, and det the standard for the European Indoor Championships.

The Cypriot athlete Vasilis Konstantinou cleared 2,23m. Bednarek (POL) won clearing 2,30m.

05-02-17, 22:30
Nikandros Stylianou set a new cypriot pole-vault record clearing 5,57m. at Cardiff.
He improved not only his own indoor record but also the outdoor's records that was holding Fotis Stefanis (5,56m., from 2000).

12-02-17, 01:02
Katerina Stefanidi cleared 4,82m. at the 110th Millrose Games (NewYork) and won the women's pole vault event.
She also performed a World Lead mark.
After clearing all height on her 1st attempt, she tried to set a new NR at 4,92m. Sandi Morris cleared 4,72m. and had one attempt at 4,82m and the other two at 4,92m.

Stefanidi will attend the 5th -and last- competition of the World Indoor Tour, at Birmingham on 18.2

16-02-17, 12:23
Natalia Evaggelidou set a new Cypriot record at women's 1500m, in Athlone/IRL (AIT International Grand Prix) on 15.2.2017.
She ran in 4.15.68 and smashed her own record of 4.23.85 which succeed in Istanbul 3 years before.

-> Indoor records (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?4524)

18-02-17, 21:39
The 5th and last of the World Indoor Tour competitions was held in Birmingham on Sat.18.February
Katerina Stefanidi won -as at Boston- the women's pole vault clearing 4,63m. (Buechler who took part in 3 competitions was the overall winner)

Cypriot athlete Milan Trajkovic was 4th at men's 60m. hurdles in 7.73

23-02-17, 17:02
Emmanouil Karalis, the junior pole vault's record holder with 5,70m., will be one of the finalists at the European Indoor Championships.
Karalis received an invitation, based on the ranking lists, as there were not 12 athletes that achieved the standard.

Due to injury problems, Konstantinos Baniotis (men's HJ) and Maria Belibasaki (women's 60m) will non attend the major event.

-> standards/athletes (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?15838)

05-03-17, 17:11
National Cross-country championship was held on 5.3 near the city of Trikala
Three athletes finished with almost identical times at the men's major category.
Yannis Zervakis won the men's 10km race just 0,11sec ahead of the Cypriot athlete Nicolas Fragou and 0,50sec ahead of Dimosthenis Maginas.
The greek marathon runner Ourania Rebouli won the 8km women's race followed by Eleftheria Petroulaki and Anthi Kyriakopoulou.
3rd consecutive win for Marcos Gourlias at the men's U23 8km race while the Cypriot Rodama Lagonidou was the women's U23 6km winner.

11-03-17, 03:34
Tatiana Gusin was 2nd in NCAA indoor finals, clearing 1,90m. at women's high jump

13-03-17, 00:48
The 17th European Cup Winter Throwing was held in LasPalmas - GranCanaria, on 11-12.3.

Kristy Anagnostopoulou was 3rd at women's discus throw with 59,47m. while Cypriot Androniki Lada was 10th with 53,79μ. (Melina Robert-Michon won with 62,35m)
Paraskevas Batzavalis was also 3rd in men's javelin, throwing 78,40m. (Julian Weber won with 85,85m.
At hammer throw, Michael Anastasakis marked a 70,92 in men's event and Iliana Korosidou 60,51m. in women's U23 event.

-> Results (http://www.rfea.es/competi/2017_ECPWT_GranCanaria/eng_resultados.htm)

18-03-17, 23:52
The greek Winter throwing Cup was held in Thessaloniki on 18.3.
Odysseas Mouzenidis threw over 20m. and set a new U20 NR with 20,38m in junior's shot put (6kgr from 2002)
There was one more NR, by Melpomeni Grigoriadou with 52,36m in girls javelin (500gr. from 2012)

19-03-17, 22:24
Approximately 21000 runners took part at the 6th Halfmarathon of Athens and its side events.
-> Results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16333)

Ioannis Zervakis won at the finishline in 1:09.03 with Kostas Gelaouzos following with the same time.
Ourania Rebouli won the women's hm in 1:19.44.

01-04-17, 10:13
Great performance from Ioannis Kyriazis at Texas Relays, where he throwed 1cm over 88m. and won men's javelin.
The Texas A&M student improved his U23 NR, and the 88,01m. is the 2nd best performance ever at the NCAA.
Kyriazis remains the second best athlete ever in Greece (after Gatsioudis 91,69m. in 2000)

02-04-17, 22:27
At the Walking Challenge race in Rio Maior on Sat.1/4 Antigoni Drisbioti was 5th in womens 20km W with 1:32.47 and Alexandros Papamichael was 8th in 1:22.46.
Both athletes reached the standards for London2017 World Championships

On the 8th of April will be held the Balkan Walking championships in the city of Florina in North-Western Greece

02-04-17, 22:52
The 12th edition of the "Alexander the Great Marathon" was held in Thessaloniki, on Sunday 2/4. with over 20000 participants in its running events.
Michael Parmakis in 2:28.12 and Sonia Cekini in 2:45.02 were the winners in Marathon's race (which stated in Pella)

At the 10km race the winners were Konstantinos Gelaouzos in 31.09 and Anastasia Karakatsani in 34.52.
5km race winners were Yiorgos Minos and Ourania Rebouli.

04-04-17, 11:22
18th international meeting "Filothei Women Gala" will be held on Wednesday 31st of May (one week ahead of schedule).
On the next day, Thursday 1st of June at the center of Athens, Syntagma square, will take place the 5th "Athens street polevault".

04-05-17, 00:12
The National School Games for Greece (incl. a representive athlete of Cyprus in each event) were held in Patras, on 3.&4.May 2017
-> Results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16452)

Antonis Merlos cleared 2,15m. at boys high jump and reached the EJCh standard
Zoe Balamouti (U18) jumped a 12,57m. at girls triple jump and reached the girls standard.

Great throws for Christos [B]Frantzeskakis (U18) with 76,70μ. in boys hammer and for Maria Magkoulia (U18) with 16,63m in girls shotput.
Odisseas Moyzenidis threw 21,81m. in boys shotput and the Cypriot George Koniarakis 66,37m. in boys discus

05-05-17, 21:40
Katerina Stefanidi had a great start for the outdoor season. Reigning olympic gold medalist and 2016 Diamond League winner, was the winner of the first meeting for 2017, clearing 4,80m at women's pole vault. S.Morris was 2nd and Y.Silva 3rd
-> Results (https://doha.diamondleague.com/programme_results_doha/#baseFrame#outputs/results/iaaf/atResults/js/mappings/schedule#ScheduleInit#CURRENTEVENT_JSON)
The next meeting including the event will be in Rome (after Shanghai & Eugene) on 8.6.2017. Till then, Stefnidi will compete in Filothei's Women Gala on 31.5.

20-05-17, 23:58
The international meeting of Chania (Creta) was held on Sat.20/5
-> Results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16519)

Voula Papachristou jumped a remarkable 14,23m. at womens TJ.
At mens long jump, the 19-year old Miltos Tentoglou marked a 7,92m.

EJCh standard for Thanasis Kalokos after running 1.49.54 in 800m. to win the event, while youth Miliaras was close, in 1.51.92
U23 standard for Eleni Polak in women's polevault, clearing 4,20m. (unofficial 4,35m. this year)

21-05-17, 21:37
12th European Walking Cup was held on May 21 at Podebrady, Czech Republic

Despoina Zapounidou beat the WCh standard as she finished 15th in 1:34.26
Italian Palmisano came victorious in 1:27.57

The greek women's U20 team was second, losing just by 2 points to Spain.
Sophia Alikanioti, 5th in 48.16, and Dimitra Bohori, 7th in 48.45, both walked better times than the EJCh standard. The third member of the team was Athanasia Vaitsi, 17th in 50.59.
Russian -under the EA flag- Yana Smerdova was the winner in 46.39.

Pilot testings for the"pit-lane" regulation (2 min. pause after 3rd red card) were also conducted

-> Results (https://www.podebrady2017.com/en/start-lists-results)

28-05-17, 11:59
Papaflessia international athletics meeting was held in Kalamata, on Sat.27/5
-> Results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16562)

The junior athlete Miltos Tentoglou marked a 8,19m., in men's long jump better than the WCh standard!
Standard was also achieved by Dimitris Tsiamis in men's triple jump with 16,87m.

Thanos Kalakos run the 800m. in 1.48.70 setting a junior men's NR, beating the 16 year record of Sotiris Papadeas (1.49.12)

U23 standard for Theodora Arabatzi in womens javelin with 52,90m. while Aphrodite Maniou with 51,30m. also achieved an U20 standard.
Anna Kiafa ran the women's 400m. hurdles in 60.33 beating the U20 standard too.

28-05-17, 14:28
Kostas Spanidis memorial - was chief national trainer and former thrower who suddenly passed away 7 years ago - was held in Thessaloniki, on Sat.27/5

Odysseas Mouzenidis bettered once more the NR in junior men's shot put (6kg) as he threw 20,62m.
Iliana Korosidou threw 65,83m. in women's hammer to achieve the European U23 standard
Standards were also achieved by Giorgos Korokidis in U23 men's hammer-throw with 70,37m, Konstantina Spanoudaki in U20 women's discus-throw with 51,29μ. (already set an unofficial 52,04m. this year)
and by Kyriakos Zotos who also had the U23 men's shot-put standard and repeated a similar performance achieving the standard for discus with 54,88m.

29-05-17, 00:00
Kallithea's jumps festival was held on Sat.27/5 with 2 special guests:
The IAAF's vice president and polevault's legend, Sergey Bubka, and the European long-jump record holder Robert Emmiyan, attended the games - along side Mr Panagiotis Dimakos, EAA's council member and Hellenic Amateurs Association vice president. What deserves to be mentioned is that Mr.Emmiyan was eager to help by giving instructions and interact to/with young athletes.
see -> photoz (http://www.stivoz.com/content.php?6180-Parontwn-Bubka-Emmiyan-to-festival-almatwn-stin-Kallithea-photoz)

31-05-17, 23:13
18th Women's Gala took place on the 31/05 at Filothei stadium.
-> Results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16598-Filothei-Women-Gala)
Highlights of the meet were the presence of the gold medalist Katerina Stefanidi at the event of the pole vault - winner with 4.70m - along with the great performance of the sixteen year old Panagiota Dosi - National Junior Record 1.83m -Papachristou's 14.19 at the triple jump showed she remains in shape, Alexouli with 6.46 marked a SB and an other sixteen year old Theochari jumped a qualifier for European Junior championships, 1.78 over the high jump

01-06-17, 23:14
Athens street pole vault was impressive once more. At one of the most central places of the city of the Athens, Syntagma square, Konstantinos Fillipidis repeated last years performance to take back to back wins. His 5.70m was enough to bring him ahead of the junior Karalis - sb 5.63 - who is bettering his performances continuously.
Katerina Stefanidi attended the meet and made the victory ceremony.

04-06-17, 12:56
Venizeleia was initiated on 1938 and became an international meet after 1980 - won best European meeting award two times among great European meets (2000 and 2006) - had its 69th version on - and was held in Chania on 3/6.
Panagiotis Trivizas PBed over 100-200 with 10.24(2.7) and 20.58(0.9) respectively to take an 8th all time performance.
Keramida run 23.34 just shy of the world championships standard 23.10, as Eleni Artimata (CYP) who PBed once more over her new discipline of 400m with 52.48. World championships standard of 52.10 is the main objective for Anna Vasileiou who was second with 53.15
Batzavalis marked a promising 81.74m at javelin, Galazoulas PBed at long jump with 7.90 to win the event and the U23 Kostas Koutsoukis run a GL 47.45 over 400m

04-06-17, 14:59
San Marino was the first host of the Games of the Small States of Europe (Andorra, Iceland, Cyprus, Lichtenstain, Luxemburg, Montenegro, Monaco, Malta, San Marino) and also the host of its 17th version.
Cyprus won an overall second place over 13 sports, losing only to Luxemburg, but dominating track and field (32medals-14 gold)

Natalia Christofi won the 100m hurdles with 13.64
Paisios Dimitriadis came victorious on the 200m with 21.33

Junior Mariele Rousi threw the javelin at 49.16m to mark a performance better than the European's standard

Nikandros Stylianou won both the pole vault and the 110m hurdles (CR 5.55m at pole vault)

04-06-17, 15:38
Junior Balkan Games were held in Istanbul - 3rd place overall for Greece
14 medals for the Greek youth national team, 4 of which were gold.
Dosi won the high jump with 1.80m
Miliaras came victorious on a tactical 1500m with 4.05.35
Fratzeskakis threw the hammer at 75.40m to take the first place and Maria Magkoulia also won the shot put with 16.42m
All four gold medalists are the National record holders of the category

Cyprus had a bronze medal at women's hammer throw with Sofia Chatzisavva - 57.02m.

08-06-17, 11:55
Eugene is hosting the finals of the NCAA NCAA 7-10/06.
-> infos/results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=1968&day=2017-6-7)

Easy win at the NCAA's javelin for Giannis Kyriazis with a CR of 82.58 with his second attempt. The greek U23 national record holder and second old time senior, took the gold following last years' 2nd place, with almost 6 meter margin between him and the rest of the field. The cypriot Alexander Poursanidis was 7th at the event of the hammer throw - 71,44.

08-06-17, 22:50
The 4th meet of the Diamond league series was held at Rome last night
-> Results (https://rome.diamondleague.com/en/programme-results/programme-results-rome/#baseFrame#outputs/results/iaaf/atResults/js/mappings/schedule#ScheduleInit#Rome2017_SCHEDULE_JSON)

Reigning Olympic gold medalist and Diamond league overall winner, Katerina Stefanidi confirmed her assertions of being in lifetime shape. It wasn't her clear card or the 4.85m
-winning height- that proved her right, but the fact that she felt confident enough to set the bar at WR height of 5.07m and actually execute good jumps.
Next weeks' nationals and ECT are her next stops (will skip Oslo's & Stockholm's D.L. meets)

High level performance for Milan Traikovic at the same meet, as he clocked a world championships standard with 13.39 setting off lane 9, despite the fact that he didn't start all that well. Aries Merrit bounced back from his health problems to take the win, against a very strong field, with 13.13

11-06-17, 00:38
The 2nd Greek Grand prix was held at Argos Orestiko on 10/06.
Maria Belibasaki ran the 200m in 23.00 to achieve both a PB and world championships standard, despite injuries that she faced. Keramida - also PBed with 23.25 - and Anna Vasileiou - 24.19 - followed.
Eirini Vasileiou ran just shy of the world championships standard over 400m in 52.54, whereas at men's 400m junior Michalis Pappas achieved the standard for the European championships of his category running a PB of 47.41.
Antonis Stylianidis jumped an U23 standard with 7.70 over long jump.

11-06-17, 10:13
Following Kyriazis' first place and dominating performance, more greek athletes participated in NCAA finals.
-> Results / infos (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=1968&day=2017-6-7)
Tatiana Gusin marked a lifetime best with 1.91m at the high jump to take the silver medal, losing to her teammate in terms of attempts. Nationals and European Cup of teams will be her next stops.
Romaiou was not measured at the final of triple jump

11-06-17, 23:51
International throwing meet Sithonia was held once more - since 2002 - at Nikiti, Chalkidiki on 11/06.
-> Results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16658)
Consistency and long throws gave the talented Michalis Anastasakis ( coached by Alexandros Papadimitriou ) a new personal best and a London world championships qualification with 77.72m over hammer throw. Anastasakis remains 4th all time at the Greek list and 6th this year in the world. Nikos Gavriilidis also qualified for the U23 European championships, throwing 68,56m at his last attempt.

26-06-17, 00:13
U18 Championships took place at Trikala in the weekend 24-25/06
-> results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16730)

The 15 year old Panayiotis Granitsiotis ran the 100m dash in 10.83 marking the best time for his ages.
Sofia Kessidi, also 15, threw a 44,79m over discus marking also the 2nd best performance for her age group. Another 15 years-old, Elina Tzengko threw 53,19m at javelin.

Ariadni Adamopoulou jumped a PB of 4,11m at pole vault.
Alexis Argiropoulos jumped a 7,35m at long jump and qualified for the European juniors championships.
As it is already announced Greece will not partake in the U18 world championships in Nairobi.

01-07-17, 23:42
The greek grand prix Tofaleia was held at Patras in Saturday 1st of July with some exceptionally good performances.

400m women was without a doubt the event of the meet. Eleni Artimata in her first year over the distance marked a NR (after 20 years-Dora Kuriakou 52.02) of 51.61 and also succeeded to qualify for the Londons' world championships. Similar performance for Eirini Vasileiou who was second with a PB, 3rd greek all time, and worlds qualification of 51.86

European junior standard for Athina Retziou at high jump - 1.80m.
Galazoulas marked a PB of 7,98m at long jump. Alexouli at the same event jumped a 6,66m and remains in pursuit of the world championships standard (6,75m)

02-07-17, 01:02
Paris diamond league was held at the Charlety stadium, where the Cypriot Milan Trajkovic (110mH) ran a NR of 13.27 at heats and qualified to the final based on time and then finished 6th with 13.30.
Junior athlete Emmanouil Karalis made his debut at the DL where he had to cope with a very strong field and a very windy day. He cleared the starting height of 5,37m with his first attempt and then had 3 X in 5,62m. Lykourgos Tsakonas was 5th in the event of 200m with a moderate 20.51

09-07-17, 15:34
The London Mueller "Anniversary Games" Diamond League took place on 9th of July. Katerina Stefanidi continued her convincing appearances winning once more the pole vault with 4,81m (good jumps at 4,91m) and now has a 3/3. Her next diamond league will be at Birmingham -20/08- after the world championships and then the Brussels final will follow.
Milan Trajkovic bettered his national and personal record with 13.25 and finished second after Aries Merritt. Trajkovic has a diamond league programm similar to the one of Stefanidi and will now race again at Birmingham. Even though he is not at the top of the list as Stefanidi, he has pretty much secured one of the 8 places leading to the Brussels final.

09-07-17, 21:30
The U20 national championship was held in Katerini on 09-10/07 with the Olympic champion Shaunae Miller attending the event and giving some of her glitz to it.
-> Results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16802)
Miltos Tentoglou won the long jump - 8,10m. Antonis Merlos bettered his Pb with 2,20m to win the high jump.
Very strong field and very good results at the event of hammer as Korakidis threw a remarkable 71,63m to take the win, while the Boys record holder Frantzeskakis was second with 70,92m ahead of Kamtsiklis-also achieved the standard for the U20 europeans with 69,45m.
10000m walk junior girls also had some great performances. The winner of the event, Vaitsi as well as the third Filtsakou (Girls category) marked standards for the U20 europeans and joined to a group of four girls, with only 3 to have the right to participate.
Pantazis (Boys category) was third at the triple jump marking a standard for the U20 europeans and Karidi was also third at long jump also marking a standard for the same competition.

16-07-17, 18:36
Nairobi-Kenya held the last U20 World championships with Greece refraining from participating due to safety reasons (riots ahead of the elections and plague). Many countries followed the same path with the most striking absence to be the one of the USA.
Cyprus, however did participate and managed to win a medal at the Boys pole vault. Christos Tamanis secured 4,85m. to take silver, proudly putting his country to the medal tables, where Germany (boys) and South Africa (girls) finished at the top.
-> Results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/showthread.php?16824)

17-07-17, 01:33
The 10th part of the series, Rabat DL was held for the second time around (after taking New York DL spot)
Voula Papachristou was 3rd with 14,21 at the triple jump and for the moment she is among the athletes that will compete in Brussels final.

23-07-17, 01:09
The 4th and last Greek Grand Prix was held on 22/07 at Kavala.
The discus thrower Kristi Anagnostopoulou manage to throw a world championships qualifying attempt of 61,53m. marking also a PB.
The Cypriot Vasilis Konstantinou pass the bar set at 2,28m to win the high jump.
Anthi Kyriakopoulou PBed at the 800m 2.05.35, and was second after the Cypriot Natalia Euaggelidou.
Keramida won the 100m in 11.53 and competed later on at the 400m where she ran a descent 55.46. The event of the 400m won the cretan athlete Anna Vasileiou 53.73.
Douvalidis ran 10.67 over 100m and 13.71 over 110mH
Stamatoyiannis 18,74m , and Zotos 18,30m. are also worth to be mentioned.

30-07-17, 22:21
The last competition of the season within Greek boarders took place during the weekend 29-30/07 at Alcazar stadium-Larissa.
Kifisia and Panionios were the champion clubs.
Yannis Kyriazis throwing only three attempts (80,54-84,86-86,44) won the event and showed he is ready for the WC.
Vaulters Karalis (had yet another broken pole) and Neratzis cleared 5,20m finishing 1-2 respectively.
Kyriakos Zotos threw a PB 19,47m -and doubled after winning the DT with 52,92m- in SP and his fellow thrower Latiflari also marked a personal best of 18,98m.(8th and 12th all time performances)
The javelin thrower Dora Arampatzi achieved yet another personal best of 55,47m and climbed at the 9th position all time.
Anais Karayianni marked the desired standard for the Europeans a bit to late. Still her performance of 13.90 over 100mH (just shy of the NR) is great, bearing in mind that she has one more year in this category.
Koutsoukis doubled 200-400 and Politi was also a double winner over 100 and 200 meters. Marinakou doubled 800-1500

02-08-17, 22:03
30 years after the first time that it was held, the Greece-Cyprus meeting took place at Sparti-Greece
Strong winds affected the games. At times the wind was measured from +6 to +9.9

14year old Anastasia Ntragomirova marked a mind boggling 6,25m better not only from her category but from next category as well.
Giorgos Miliaras participated out of competition over the 3000m and managed to better the NR in the distance with 8.21.33.
Javelin thrower Savvas Savva marked a NR with 71,85m
Elina Tzengo threw her javelin at 49,77m
Cypriot Despina Charalampous jumped 1,75m at HJ

Both Boys and Girls 4x100m relays stand out too. Boys team with Vrontinos, Kotoulas, Papoutsoglou, Granitsiotis marked a 42.03 just shy of the NR.
Girls team Krimitsa, Papandreou, Johnson, Mihailidou ran 47.64 also shy of the NR.

27-08-17, 19:06
ISTAF was held in Berlin, where there was a huge bridge over the track that facilitated the audience access and the athletes connection the press and fans.
Konstantinos Filippidis following his injury surpassed 5,51m to finish 5th at PV and Milan Traikovic (CYP) ran the 110mH in 13.29 to take the third place.

28-08-17, 16:05
The 29th Summer Universiade was held in Taipei
-> results (http://www.stivoz.com/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=1998&day=2017-8-23&c=1)

The Cypriot Nektaria Panagi was 2nd at women' long jump with 6,42m. - Rotaru won the event.
Natalia Evaggelidou finished 6th at the women's 1500m. final. Alexandros Poursanidis did not measure at men's hammer throw final.

The only Greek competed was Elpida Toka, in women's 400m. hurdles qualif. (14th with 59.84)

Chao-Tsun Chen fro host-country threw 91,36m. in men's javelin

Japan earned 7 gold medals and 16 in total