Επιστροφή στο Forum : the Games of the Small States of Europe , 1-6/6/'09

01-06-09, 15:41
Today at 21:00 at the "GSP", is the grand opening of the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe.
Cyprus is organising the Games for 2nd time (1989 was first) and they ll be held in Nicosia -the last divided capital in Europe- and Limassol.
Yesterday the President of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Ouranios Ioannides, welcomed all participating delegations, VIPs, guests and media during a special Welcome Ceremony at Olympic House.
"I take this opportunity to wish you every success in your participation as well as a pleasant stay," said Mr Ioannides, speaking before some 300 guests. "I call upon you to take advantage of every opportunity to see the beauties of our Island and experience the warm hospitality of its people."
"We know the ties of friendship will only get stronger between Iceland, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Malta, San Marino and Cyprus, and hopefully tomorrow Montenegro will be part of this family," concluded Mr Ioannides in his welcome speech

On 2.,4. and 6. of June are scheduled the Athletics events (without women's discus-hammer-steeple)
All Athletics events will take place at GSP National Athletics Stadium, in Nicosia.

program: http://www.cyprus2009.org.cy/images/downloads_th/programme.jpg
handbook: http://www.cyprus2009.org.cy/images/downloads_th/handbook2.jpg
WR,CR,NR: http://www.cyprus2009.org.cy/docs/media/Records_AT.pdf

The team of Cyprus:

Discipline Surname Name Birthdate Personal Best / Date


100m (M) IOANNOU PANAGIOTIS 07/09/1984
100m (M) SPASTRIS FILIPOS 31/07/1989
200m (M) HADJINICOLAOU STEFANOS 12/06/1985 21.67
200m (M) PAFITIS ANDREAS 13/10/1987 21.30
400m (M) ANTONIOU KYRIAKOS 13/05/1990 48.53
400m (M) HADJINICOLAOU STEFANOS 12/06/1985 47.23
800m (M) FILIPPOU DEMETRIS 05/08/1987 1:49.55
800m (M) MARKIDES MARIOS 27/08/1987
1500m (M) SOFOKLEOUS ORESTIS 27/10/1988
5000m (M) ANDREW CHRISTOFER 16/05/1986
10000m (M) ANDREW CHRISTOFER 16/05/1986

110m H (M) STAVRIDIS ALEXANDROS 13/04/1989
400m H (M) ALOZON MHDAMIN 08/01/1984 49.21
400m H (M) XOUFARIDIS ARIS 11/04/1988 54.00
3000m St (M) ARISTOTELOUS KYRIACOS 06/12/1992 10:29.72
3000m St (M) KYPRIANOU PANAYIOTIS 08/02/1977 8:49.04

High Jump (M) IOANNOU KYRIACOS 26/07/1984
High Jump (M) NICOLAOU MARIOS 06/06/1989
Long Jump (M) ARNOS ZACHARIAS 24/11/1986
Long Jump (M) VOLOU MATHAIOS 16/03/1989
Pole Vault (M) EFSTATHIOU ANDREAS 26/08/1981
Pole Vault (M) STYLIANOU NIKANDROS 22/08/1989
Triple Jump (M) ARNOS ZACHARIAS 24/11/1986 15.71
Triple Jump (M) VOLOU PANAGIOTIS 01/09/1991 15.63

Shot Put (M) ARESTI GEORGIOS 27/12/1981 19.34
Shot Put (M) MITSIDES PETROS 12/12/1977 17.33
Discus Throw (M) ARESTI SAVVAS 24/04/1988 54.11
Discus Throw (M) PARELLIS APOSTOLOS 24/07/1985 59.05
Hammer Throw (M) KOLOKOTRONIS MICHAEL 08/12/1990 60.32
Hammer Throw (M) SOFIANOS PETROS 15/03/1982 65.05

4x100m (M) CHRISTOFIDES ANTHOS 04/06/1991
4x100m (M) MICHAEL ANDREAS 17/03/1990
4x100m (M) PAFITIS ANDREAS 13/10/1987
4x100m (M) POLYKARPOU VASILIS 02/12/1988
4x400m (M) ALOZON MHDAMIN 08/01/1984
4x400m (M) ANASTASIOU STEFANOS 11/08/1990
4x400m (M) ARESTI ANTONIS 15/02/1983
4x400m (M) MENELAOU RIGINOS 29/09/1992


100m (W) ARTYMATA ELENI 15/05/1986
100m (W) TSOMPANIDI OLGA 16/02/1983
200m (W) ARTYMATA ELENI 15/05/1986 23.18
200m (W) PAPAIOANNOU ANNA-RAMONA 15/06/1989 25.50
400m (W) CHRISTODOULOU JULIA 28/09/1991 58.51
400m (W) SHIALOU ANTROULA 27/11/1993 52.30
800m (W) CHRISTOFOROU STELLA 02/03/1992
800m (W) SOPHOCLEOUS GAVRIELLA 30/10/1986 2:20.00
1500m (W) CHRISTOFOROU STELLA 02/03/1992 4:38.47
1500m (W) PANAYIOTOU MEROPI 01/12/1994 4:53.66
5000m (W) IOANNOU ELENI 20/01/1984
5000m (W) KORKOKIOU EVGENIA 06/05/1988
10000m (W) IOULIA KANNAVA 28/09/1973
10000m (W) SOPHOCLEOUS MARILENA 30/10/1986

100m H (W) BAOURDA EVMORFIA 13/01/1982 13.35
100m H (W) IRODOTOU POLYXENI 17/05/1982
400m H (W) HADJIGIANNI PANAGIOTA 01/08/1988 63.60
400m H (W) SHIALOU ANTROULA 27/11/1973 54.76

4x100m (W) ANDREOU THEODOSIA 03/09/1992
4x100m (W) BAOURDA EVMORFIA 13/01/1982
4x100m (W) PAPAIOANNOU ANNA-RAMONA 15/06/1989
4x100m (W) SAVVA MARIA 17/12/1990
4x400m (W) CHRISTODOULOU JULIA 28/09/1991
4x400m (W) CHRISTOFOROU STELLA 02/03/1992
4x400m (W) HADJIGIANNI PANAGIOTA 01/08/1988
4x400m (W) TSIARTA IRENE 14/12/1993

High Jump (W) DROSOU EFROSYNI 11/09/1984
High Jump (W) RAZI STEFANI 07/05/1993
Long Jump (W) CHARALAMBOUS IRENE 18/05/1978
Long Jump (W) PANAYI NEKTARIA 20/03/1990
Pole Vault (W) ARISTOTELOUS MARIA 10/08/1991
Pole Vault (W) ZACHARIADI MARIANNA 25/02/1990

Shot Put (W) KAPPA FLORENTIA 19/05/1988 14.93
Shot Put (W) MENELAOU OLYMPIA 29/04/1966 16.71
Javelin Throw (W) MAVROUDI ELENI 07/09/1982 51.07
Javelin Throw (W) MOURATIDOU ANASTASIA 08/04/1990 47.74