Επιστροφή στο Forum : Balkan crosscountry championship 2009

16-03-09, 16:04
http://www.stivoz.com/dimosiografikes/kefala2.JPG In Beograd on 14/3/2009 took place the 54th Balkan Crosscountry championship.
Konstantina Kefala won the women's 8km race in 28'28,9 and left Stolic about 6" behind.
At the women's (8km) team's summary, Hellas was 3rd - Serbia was the winner. The second of the Greek championship, Irene Kokkinariou, due to personal problems didnt participate.
3rd place for Hellas at the men's (12km) summary too -where Turkey won, as its athlete, Fatih Bilgic, too. The greek champion Anastasios Fragos was injured during the race and didnt finish, the second of the Greek Championship, Dimosthenis Magginas, finished 6th.

full results: http://www.stivoz.com/dimosiografikes/results/2009balkancross.pdf