Επιστροφή στο Forum : Greek & Cypriot Summary-European Indoor Championship 2009

06-03-09, 17:05
Second place for the Cypriot Kyriakos Ioannou at the mens highjump. Ioannou cleared 2,29 and had none failure jump - the Russian Dmitrik too. Same performance and 6th place -and a new PB- for Konstantinos Baniotis! The event won as expected the Russian Ukhov, the only athlet who cleared 2,32 (and didnt try at another high after that)
One day before, at the qualification, in the first group (which had a disadvantage) Ioannou cleared 2,30 and qualified, while Baniotis cleared 2,27 and after the results of the 2nd group was qualified too!

Paraskevi Papachristou at her first attempt at the womens triple jump qualification, landed at 14,47, and about 30cm over the qualif.rule and her personal best! At the final, had 3 failed attempts and was injured while running for her fourth, so she wasn't measured. 1st place for Anastasia Taranova with 14,68, 2nd was Marija Sestak with 14,60, 3rd was Veldakova with 14,40 and NR, NR for Topic -with 14,37- too.

Konstadinos Douvalivis, the 22-year-old greek champion , who clocked 7"68 (New National record) at the meeting "Athens 2009" 9 days ago, advanced to the 60m hurdles semi-final. He advanced 7.76 and took the 11th place among 27 athletes. 7.85 was quick enough to advance to this afternoon's semi-finals. There, at the strong 2nd semifinal he finished 7th with 7"82 where Svoboda won with 7"55. At the first semifinal, Yevgeniy Borisov, the fastest in Europe, won with 7"60 hitting the last hurdle -at first he was disqualified! Doucoure, the favourite athlet of Douvalidis, won the final of the event

Huge dissapoint for Louis Tsatoumas (and for the Greek athletes and fans as he was the best with 8,20m among all ), after his failure to advance to the longjump final, where the German Bayer set a new European record landing at 8,71!! His 1st attemp was a NR too with 8,29 (then he let 3 at. and his 5th was X)

At the womens polevault qualification, Nicole Kiriakopoulou and the Cypriot record holder Marianna Zachariadi, both cleared 4,35 but failed at 4,40 which was beaten by 7 athletes plus Spiegelburg who didnt need to try. At the final, the Russian Golubchicova won with 4,75 and better attempts as Spiegelburg -who set NR

Antonia Steryiou cleared 1,85 but didn΄t beat 1,89 -which was finally enough for 8+1 athletes to qualifie at the womens highjump. At the final, Blanca Vlasic failed early at 1,96, and Friedrich won clearing 2,01.

Konstantina Efentaki didnt finish at the second heat of womens 3km.

At the heats of mens 60m, the Cypriot Panagiotis Ioannou run 6"81 and didnt advance. Chambers was the fastest with 6"53, and at the semifinals set a new European record clocking 6"42 !!! He was the winner at the final too, with 6"46 and let 1dec behind the 2 Italian sprinters -who finished before the other Brittains.

Great victory for the Italian 4x400 squad at the last event of the European Championship.
The Russian team was first at the medal table with 10 gold anf 18 summary, 3 gold and 10 summary for Germany.



W Shotput : Lammert Petra (GER) 19,66
W Pentathlon : Bogdanova Anna (RUS) 4761pts
W 60m hurdles : Berings Eline (BEL) 7"92 NR
M 60m hurdles : Doucoure Ladji (FRA) 7"55

M Highjump: Ukhov, Ivan (RUS) 2,32
M Triplejump: Donato, Fabrizio (ITA) 17,59 NR
W Polevault: Golubchikova, Yuliya (RUS) 4,75
W Longjump: Balta, Ksenija (EST) 6,87 NR
M 3000m: Farah, Mo (GBR) 7'40"17
W 1500m: Alminova, Anna (RUS) 4'07"76
W 400m: Krivoshapka, Antonina (RUS) 51"18
M 400m: Wissman, Johan (SWE) 45"89

M Heptathlon: Pahapill, Mikk (EST) 6362pts NR
W Triplejump: Taranova-Potapova, Anastasiya (RUS) 14,68
M Shotput: Majewski, Tomasz (POL) 20,76
M Polevault: Lavillenie, Renaud (FRA) 5,81
W Highjump: Friedrich, Ariane (GER) 2,01
W 800m: Savinova, Mariya (RUS) 1'58"10
M 800m: Borzakovskiy, Yuriy (RUS) 1'48"55
W 3km: Bekele Degfa, Almitu (TUR) 8'46"50 NR
M 1500m: Silva, Rui (POR) 3'44"38
W 60m: Polyakova, Yevgeniya (RUS) 7"18
M 60m: Chambers, Dwain (GBR) 6"46 (6"42 ER at semifinal)
M Longjump: Bayer, Sebastian (GER) 8,71 ER
W 4x400: RUS 3'29"12
M 4x400: ITA 3'06"68