Επιστροφή στο Forum : 13th Games of the Small States of Europe

01-03-09, 18:24
http://www.stivoz.com/dimosiografikes/Cyprus/AMKE_logo2.jpg 1-6 June 2009 will be held the 13th Games of the Small States of Europe in Nicosia and Limassol.
1.6 is the opening at the GSP National Sport Complex at 20.30 hrs.
The athletics competition will be held on Tuesday 2nd June, on Thursday 4th June and on Saturday 6th June 2009. All Athletics events will take place at GSP National Athletics Stadium, in Nicosia.

Competitions will take place in accordance with the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) rules, unless there are any other specific modifications stipulated in the GSSE technical rules and regulations.
Each country can enter 2 athletes for each individual event and 1 team for each relay event. (Only one 1 athlete per country will earn points for his/her team in the event in which he/she has participated, starting from eight (8) and reducing independently to the number of participants to the event)
1st April 2009 are Final Entries by Name for Foreign Athletes (long list) and 24th May 2009 is the deadline (and entries for Cypriots).

Find details about the preliminary heats, Initial heights and progression, warm up area etc, and about the whole Games event, at the technical handbook (http://www.stivoz.com/dimosiografikes/Cyprus/AMKE_CYPRUS2009_TechnicalHandbook.pdf)

more info: http://www.cyprus2009.org.cy/

Organizing Committee:
Cyprus Amateur Athletics Association: Phone: +357 22 449825 , Fax: +357 22449829
Committee: Antonios G Dracos (President) , George Mitsides , Litsa Iacovidou
Sport Technical Director: Antonis Georgallides Phone: +357 22 449828

Cyprus is an island located in the eastern Mediterranean, strategically situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa and in close proximity to the busy trade routes linking Europe with the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia and the Far East. Cyprus extends 240 kilometres from east to west and 100 kilometres from north to south. The total area of Cyprus is 9.251 sq kilometres.
Cyprus gained its independence from British colonial rule in 1960. In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus and occupied 36,2% of its sovereign territory. The ceasefire line runs right across the island and cuts through the heart of the Capital, Nicosia, dividing the city and the country. Although its northern part is under foreign occupation, the Republic of Cyprus is internationally recognised as the sole legitimate State on the island with sovereignty over its entire territory.
The capital and largest city of Cyprus is Nicosia -that remains, to this day, the last divided city in Europe- with a population of 224.500 (in the government-controlled part of the city only). Limassol, on the southern coast, is the second largest city with a population of 176.900.
The main gateway to Cyprus is Larnaca International Airport, 50 kilometres south of the capital, Nicosia, and 70 kilometres east of Limassol.

The emblem of the Games is the ship of Kyrenia.

The small countries of Europe are defined, for purposes of participating in the Games of the Small States of Europe, as those whose population is under one million.

"We want to send a message of self-confidence to all Cypriots and a message to all our friends from abroad that despite the adverse conditions that have been afflicting our country for decades, we continue to live, act, create and turn the impossible into the possible," said Ouranios Ioannides, president of the Executive Committee of the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe CYPRUS 2009 at the Press Conference, 100days before the Games (20/02/2009)